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Calf scours can happen to even the best farmers – are you prepared to take the hit?

The financial and emotional costs can be significant and long-lasting. Anyone’s who’s lived through a scours outbreak knows that it’s no game. And those who have suffered a recent outbreak would rather save themselves the grief this time round. Talking to your vet to find the right plan for your farm can help avoid this grief. We invited members of the Dairy Women’s network to share their scour stories for the benefit of all dairy women in New Zealand.

Mary-Anne Parks from Tapanui has vaccinated with Rotavec Corona since being hit by a scours outbreak six years ago. She stresses the importance of feeding calves colostrum from vaccinated cows. Watch here »

Sharon McMillan experienced her first outbreak of scours on a newly converted dairy farm in Southland. Since then, she’s seen the difference whole-herd vaccination with Rotavec Corona can make at calving. Watch here »

Trish Scott and her family experienced a stressful outbreak of infectious scours on their farm. To hear how Rotavec® Corona helped solve the problem. Watch here »

Lisa Hicks suggests you listen to your gut instinct when you suspect a calf has scours. You're usually right and it could mean money down the drain. Watch here »

An outbreak of Rotavirus on your farm is an experience you won't want to repeat, as Ann Mclvor found out the hard way. She shares her insights with us. Watch here »

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